Suzy Sureck
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5m39s Underwater footage is overlaid with cellular structures. Overwhelm and rage are suggested through movement that merge inner and outer landscapes. With Michelledana Shafran, Gardiner studios, 2018

The videos Spinal Fluid, Treading Water, and Submerged involve a double projection: photographs I took through microscopes at the SVA Bio Art Lab are of cells from plants and aquatic creatures. These are enlarged and projected, stretched across walls and bent around corners overlapping with underwater footage from the Hudson Valley. Filmed in Minnewaska Lake, Spinal Fluid, Treading Water and Fractured Space, are languid and aquatic, while Submerged, embodies overwhelm and rage with its footage from Split Rock. This waterfall’s usual cathartic qualities was amped up due to torrential summer rains. The microscope takes my view further and follows my curiosity about the organic world. Within a single drop of sea water is a celebration of diversity, a variety of beings, swimming, bumping into each other, dancing together and apart. I have worked with these images ever since. The dancers, after seeing the imagery and talking together, were free to respond to the sounds and images as they were moved to do so. These are visual sketches for future performance installations, in varied spaces, perhaps for audiences.
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