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Shape of Light
An immersive installation by Suzy Sureck
Parachute Blue, an original composition
by Andrea Clearfield
Spoken word: Suzy Sureck
Sound and movement: Andrea Clearfield
Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, July 2021
Materials:fabric form, 2 looped videos, 2 projectors, speaker

The Shape of Lightis a multi-media immersive installation involving sound, spoken word, dance and video projection, based on an ongoing poem that explores color through association and sensory perception. The conical form of each soft structure references the shape of light as it enters the eye and as it exits a projector. With its translucent skin, images slide through, fragment + overlap and can be viewed from exterior or interior. One is both isolated and interconnected, cocooned and immersed in biological and aquatic worlds.As this time of confinement shifts, we tentatively sense the porousness of our space.

in the year of the cocoon
house, home, body and bone
became one

each house a color
each body a tone

what is the color of being caught?

what is the color of release?

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